Manufacturers have been taking a scientific approach to quality. Businesses have been improving warranty coverage to tout their new quality levels and seek differentiation from the competition. Today’s businesses need advanced tools to manage warranty review, payments, and administration. However, current warranty systems face two common problems:

  • The systems allow invalid claims, which leads to direct financial loss for the manufacturer.
  • The systems deny valid claims, which leads to customer alienation, loss of reputation, and legal fees.

Our Solution

AACG’s economists and statisticians help manufacturers enhance the existing warranty management process through the development and deployment of a statistical monitoring system. We use our extensive, proven capabilities to build customized, advanced algorithms to filter and flag invalid claims and provide direct, measurable savings to the bottom line — all in 11 weeks.

Exhibit 1: How AACG Enhances Your Claim Process

The monitoring system is designed to identify and reverse invalid claims that would have normally been authorized. The AACG system offers three key advantages to the OEM:

  • Reduces invalid claims to make a measurable, direct impact on an OEM’s profitability
  • Provides significant benefit to the OEM with minimal investment and minimal interruption to the business
  • Produces a long-term, sustainable analytical tool that improves over time

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