AACG develops powerful analytical tools embedded in programs and software that help clients identify strategic opportunities and improve operational performance. These tools and associated training are designed to give clients’ in-house personnel continuous access to powerful economic and statistical methods.

In many cases, AACG develops a client’s analytic technology in conjunction with a strategy or operations engagement. The consulting analysis provides answers to critical client questions with a focus on immediate actions and benefits. The Advanced Analytical technology extends the client’s ability to identify related strategic benefits and operational improvements into the future.

Pricing: Quality Control and Competitive Performance:
  • Production Line Monitoring
  • Root Cause Analytics



CEO/CFO Tools:

Market Performance and Strategy Dashboard

Warranty Monitoring:

  • Statistical Filters
  • Learning Systems that Improve Over Time

Q: Where would you turn if you needed to know how loyal your customers actually are?

A: Leading loyalty programs have turned to economists at AACG Economic Consulting to measure customer loyalty, persistence, and loyalty point redemption.