Antitrust laws that promote competition are both far-reaching and hotly debated. The fundamental economic justification for these laws has made the economic and statistical methods used to interpret antitrust laws some of the most sophisticated in the legal arena. Moreover, the breadth of legal issues encompassed by antitrust laws calls for an array of economic and statistical techniques. Our experts have decades of experience analyzing complex economic and statistical issues related to antitrust litigation and merger/acquisition analyses in both the US and Europe.

We combine these economic skills with accounting and industry expertise to deliver both the careful accounting analysis of corporate costs and records and the powerful analytical tools of economics and statistics called for in many antitrust cases and merger analyses. Our experts are adept at communicating these analyses to audiences in corporate and legal settings.

Our experts have extensive experience in the following areas:

Litigation Support Services

AACG provides expert analysis in all facets of antitrust litigation and merger analysis including:

  • Monopolization
  • Collusion, Price-fixing
  • Predatory Pricing
  • Tying
  • Mergers
  • Class Action Issues
  • Damages analysis

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Daniel S. Levy, PhD
National Managing Director
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Stan Panis, PhD
213 784 6400
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Timothy J. Tardiff, PhD
617 827 4043
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