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CLE Approved in California and Illinois

Join us to hear more about statistical sampling in False Claims Act (FCA) litigation over alleged healthcare fraud. The presentation focuses on what litigators need to know and discusses key concepts in a non-technical manner. The course is equally applicable to Medicare audits and self-disclosure of overpayments. Topics include:

  • Key concepts: point estimate, bias, margin of error, confidence level, confidence interval
  • Steps involved in sampling and extrapolation
  • Determinants of minimum sample size
  • Potential pitfalls and limitations
  • Common misconceptions

About the Presenter:  Dr. Panis assists attorneys with statistical and analytical aspects of healthcare litigation, including False Claims Act (FCA) cases. Prior to joining Advanced Analytical Consulting Group (AACG), he taught statistics, economics, and econometrics at the University of Southern California and the University of California at Irvine; was a Senior Manager at Deloitte; and a Senior Economist at The RAND Corporation.


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