AACG Telecom Expert Provides Comments in the FCC’s Net Neutrality Proceeding

August 16, 2017–Advanced Analytical Consulting Group (“AACG”) filed Comments with the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), demonstrating the number of firms offering broadband Internet is growing faster than shown in FCC reports. Due to significant inconsistencies in how the FCC measured broadband over time, the FCC’s Internet Access Services reports underestimate the growth in competition among broadband providers. The rate of growth in the number of broadband providers is a key measure used by Internet policy makers, legislators and regulators to assess the extent of broadband competition. The failure of the FCC’s measures to accurately reflect this growth misinforms policy-makers and damages regulations affecting both the economy as a whole and segments of consumers.

AACG economist, Dr. Timothy Tardiff, provided these findings to the FCC regarding its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in the Restoring Internet Freedom proceeding. Dr. Tardiff updated previously published articles by AACG to include the FCC’s most recent (June 2016) fixed broadband deployment data. The updated analysis corroborates his previous conclusion that the apparent insufficiencies in the number of firms providing broadband are ameliorated in fairly short order by broadband providers. The FCC had cited the lack of competing broadband providers to justify increased regulations which are superfluous at best, and counterproductive to competition and innovation, at worst. Dr. Tardiff’s Comments can be found at aacg.com/net-neutrality/.

AACG’s Comments to the FCC was self-funded and performed entirely independently of any outside corporate or governmental entities.

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